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Looking to add a gas stove or BBQ gas line?

Our technicians are fully licensed and bonded to install all your gas line needs.

Have a renovation project or just want to add another natural gas appliance to your home? Joyce Heating is here to help! Our technicians are licensed gas fitters and specialize in the gas heating industry.

At Joyce Heating Services Ltd., we offer our customers a wide range of natural gas line options. We can run gas lines for ranges, cooktops, BBQ's, fireplaces, patio heaters, fire pits, furnaces and water heaters. We use a few different piping options including black iron, copper and gastite flexible gas line and fittings. Our technicians also install regulator valves, shut off valves and gas control valves for your peace of mind.

Gas BBQ - red.png

We offer our customers custom natural gas BBQ gas lines using black iron, copper or Gastite™ flexible gas lines, and BBQ boxes for your home. From plastic boxes to Stainless steel options, from single or dual port boxes, we can install it.

Gas Furnaces - red.png
Gas Stoves - red.png

Looking to buy a new gas stove? We can install a new gas line for  all types of gas stoves including gas cooktop models as well using black iron, copper or Gastite™ flexible gas line.

Gas HWT - red.png
Gas Fire Pits - red.png

Want to add an outdoor gas fire pit of outdoor gas patio heater?  Joyce Heating can install your new gas line for these appliances. Call us today for a free in home estimate.

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Switching from an oil furnace to a new high efficient natural gas furnace? We can install your new gas line including new shut off valves and gas regulator valves.

If you're switching from oil or electric water heater to a new more efficient gas water heater, Joyce Heating can run your new gas line for you, or add a flexible gas line. Call us today for more  information.

Joyce Heating provides our customers free in-home estimates on all gas installations including gas lines for BBQ's, furnaces, hot water tanks, patio heaters, fire pits and gas stoves.

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