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Today's Oil Hot water tanks are cleaner and more efficient.

Save money with a new oil fired hot water tank

At Joyce Heating Services Ltd., we offer our customers oil fired hot water tanks. An oil-fired water heater may be the only option in some rural places. There is a little more cost upfront when installing the oil-fired water heater system, but it will cost less to run over the life of the unit than other types of water heaters. The oil-fired water heater is a low cost solution to having huge amounts of domestic hot water.
The oil-fired water heater has a high recovery rate of up to 120 gallons of hot water an hour.

There are different types of oil-fired water heaters to choose from to meet the needs of different homes and family sizes. A bigger family will have more needs than a couple will because there is more hot water required on a daily basis.There is not any reason to purchase then pay to install a system that is bigger than the family will utilize on a regular basis.


View Our Other Hot Water Tank Options

For more information on what hot water tank may be best for you, call Joyce Heating today!

Our Featured Oil Hot Water Tanks

Find out the latest oil hot water tanks we recommend.

Joyce Heating is one of the few service companies that install and service oil fired hot water tanks. Our technician has almost 30 years expertise in the oil burner field, and will help you with all your oil appliance needs.

John Wood® 32 & 50 Gallon Oil Fired Water Heaters

Energy Factor: 0.55 - 0.60

FHR: 110 USG (416 L) - 190 USG (719 L)


Warranty: 6-Year Limited Residential Tank Warranty. 1-Year Limited Parts Warranty.

Complete with our exclusive TankSaver® technology, an innovation that impedes corrosion and extends tank life, John Wood® oil-fired water heaters also feature a universal mounting design that fits most burners. Learn more >>

Recovery: 84 US Gallons (318 Litres) - 100 US Gallons (379 Litres )at 100°F/55°C Temperature Rise.

Benefits of Switching From Oil to Gas

Every home is unique - find out if an oil hot water tank is best for your family.

In today's home and water heating needs, upfront costs and reliability are two of the main reason to switch from oil to natural gas. People today are getting more "green", they want cleaner options, not just for their home, but also for the environment. Although the oil burning appliances today are much more efficient, but they cannot match the cleaner, more efficient natural gas appliances. Oil burning appliances will have a greater upfront equipment and installation cost compared to natural gas appliances as well as costlier service life.

Another factor is the fact that there are only a few companies left in the Lower Mainland that will install or service oil fired appliances. Joyce Heating has been servicing oil furnaces and hot water tanks for almost 60 years, but due to increased sales and efficiency of natural gas appliances, only a couple companies sell oil products, making hard for our technicians to find oil products to install and repair as well as a greater cost to us from our suppliers.

Check out the FortisBC website here for rebates and information on natural gas appliances.

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